Remember My Memories

Remember My Memories…


This morning, I found something when I preparing my books that I would to bring. There was a bird is made by origami paper. And I began to remember memories when I make it. I was in third grade elementary school at that time. But, I didn’t feel  third grade elementary school as usual. I got bullying  from my friends in my classroom. At the first, I didn’t know why they did it to me until one of them told me. A silly reason to got bullying from my friends and apparently they did it just because a handsome boy who wore white hat like me. What a bitter-sweet memories!

I thought they were not so sucks, but I wrong . They always disturb me with their strange thoughts such as crossing my book, put the gum on the seat, put my bag in toilet, and the last that is the most disgusting they put a lizard in my bag-____-“  I got stressed.  Maybe other girl that felt same things with me they immediately told their parents. But, I didn’t think like that. Instead I thought if I told my parents they would annoyed me strangely. Another things that happened to me is about a boy who wore white hat. He is handsome but the things that remind me it was chocolate on my desk. He always put a bar of chocolate on my desk. For me, Chocolate a little help me to decrease my sadness or my boring at school. I even ate chocolate during breaks while making the bird from origami paper.


Time was running so fast. They gradually stop bully me. It was because of a boy who wore white hat. He was so regretful. He thoughts because of him they bully me.  So, He said to all of my friends to don’t bully me again or he would bully them back. I was not sure if he would bully them. But finally, figured out if it turned out he was a  bad boy. So, He would bully back them easily. After that day, I can felt my normal life or maybe my happy life. My friends never bully me again, Even they always helped me in learning. If I asked each of them, they will answered and explained it well. The most surprising thing was  I got second rank in my class. And at next semester, I got first rank and made my friends who bully me became envy me . Indeed, it was ageat memories!

Story by : Nabila NA

Published by : Rahmaditia


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