Sehun’s exam time schedule




hohohoho~ I just got this pict when I was checking my facebook^^.. okay, I’d like to tell you what is written in the picture.

First exam is Korean language, second is Math, third is English, fourth is social study, and the last one is Chinese. For the time and subject.. So, Sehun had 5 subject in one day? 0.0~ oh my god, I can’t imagine if it happened to me because in my school, I just will get 2 subjects for exam in oneday and one day for three subjects. by the way thanks to Aminah Fatanah Zaidi in facebook because of her comment in EXO fanbase who posted it.


credit pict to DC, via EXO (facebook)                                                                                                     Thanks to Aminah Fatanah Zaidi who had translated the pict^^


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