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Sad Melody

Sad Melody

Jeny takes a breathe heavily.  She looks at her luggages. She is wondering  about her assignment that she got from her teacher yesterday.

‘Go to that house and you will get an inspiration to make a melody’

In fact, She still remembers how her teacher gave the order to go to this place. Her teacher asked her to stay at that house for a few days to make a melody for her school’s musical drama that will be held next month. She tries to trust her teacher rather than what she is seeing now. Her teacher, Mr. Keirdy said that she had to make a sad melody but, the house looks ancient and mysterious and she thinks if she will get an inspiration to make a spooky melody, not a sad melody.

Now, Jeny steps into the house and opens the door. She can smell a damp from this house. “why they do not clean this house?” she mutters. Then, she goes to a room that will be her bedroom during she stays in this house. She is amazed to see that room. So different with other rooms that is so dirty and dusty. After, clearing her outfits , Jeny directly intends to clean her ‘new’ house.


Jeny stops her activities and stares at the door when she heard a voice. She lazily reaches for the door and sees who is there.

“Are you Jeny? A student who is sent by Mr. Kierdy?” asked an old man after Jeny opened the door.

“yes but, who are you?” Jeny said sarcastically.

The old man smirks and holds out his hand to shake hand with Jeny  “I’m Billton, I Just want to visit my old nephew’s house and warn you to don’t look at the room upstairs”.

“But, why?”

“Because it’s my favorite room”

Jeny is shock. How can he comes to visit this old house after she cleaned? Even, She is confused how to replay the conversation until Mr. Billton starts the walk to go. Jenny looks weird at Mr. Billton’s back who begin to move away.


After Jeny met with Mr. Billton two days ago. Somehow Jeny become so curious about the room in the upstairs. He doesn’t care this house but why he still forbade others to see a room at upstairs this house? She also doesn’t know.

Jeny who is sitting on sofa is trying to move to a piano. She remember her goal in here is to make sad melody. She feels lucky because there is a piano that can help her. She looks at the the keys of piano and begin to find some melody. Jeny’s expertise in making melody can’t be doubted. Even within half hour she can make a sad melody . And at that moment she feel her job done.

Then, She walks to her bedroom to go to sleep. But, when she closes the door she heard someone is playing piano with a sad melody. So, she is back to see who is playing piano in this house. She walks slowly because she feels herself begin to shiver.

Jeny jumps when she see a strange boy in this house now. In fact, she had never seen this boy in this house before. He smiles at her and asks her to sit beside him. Jeny silent no idea what she is doing. She is still confused about what happened to her. Started from Mr. Billton that forbade her to see the room upstairs then a stranger boy besides her who is engrossed in playing piano.

And Jeny looks at him. He has a sand yellow hair and pale skin like a sick person. Jeny thinks this boy is so charming and he is older than her.

“what are you thinking about?” asks him and Jeny who is looking at him can’t say anything because this moment is so awkward. Suddenly, he stops to play piano and looks at Jeny.

“I’m Lexy, Who are you?”

“I’m Jeny, why are you here? I think no one else is here”

“This is my house, I think you are a stranger” says him, staring straight ahead.


“Help me” Lexy interrupt jenny.

“Help? For what?” asks her. Lexy up from his seat and pointed a room upstairs.

Jeny is amazed to see the room pointed by Lexy. It’s a room that is prohibited by Mr. Billton. When Jeny back turn toward Lexy. Lexy apparently no longer exists. Jeny fear, she quickly run to her bedroom.


This morning at 8 a.m.  , Jeny starts to go to upstairs. She hesitates to step on the stairs even though she is curious why lexy asked her to go there. Now, She is in front of that room. She tries to open the door but she returned the attack. Then, She closes her eyes to trust if what she does right.

Jeny starts to enter the room slowly. Trying to search something that has been her questions. The reason why she should not go into this room.

Jeny is shocked when she see someone who is lying with some medical equipment.

He is  Lexy.

Jeny looks at Lexy, she see several wounds on Lexy’s body and face. He is dying. Jeny burst into tears. She gets closer with him then she hold his hand.

“w..what happened to you?” Jeny stammered. Suddenly, a newspaper catches her eye. With trembling hands she takes the newspaper and begin to read.


“Sunday, March 13rd 2012

             Young and talented pianist , Lexy Worthin killed by a stranger

20-year-old young pianist murdered a stranger in her house. Until now, police have not been able to unravel this case because the loss of the body. While reported cases of his uncle, Billton Worthin said if the house was filled with blood when Lexy Worthin corpse disappeared. According to some people, Lexy killed by Billton Worthin for revenge on Lexy. Billton was the father and uncle of two young and talented pianist, Tommy and Lexy Worthin. Tommy Worthin is his son who had died two months ago due to an accident that happened when he was on vacation with Lexy Worthin. Tommy Worthin was actually a tough competitor Lexy Worthin in the music world. But that does not make them hostile to each other because they were one family. Now, the public perception has changed because of the slain Lexy Worthin. Until now, police have not found clear evidence regarding the murder Lexy Worthin.”



Two weeks have passed after the unfolding murder Lexy. All truth has been revealed. Mr. Billton, now he has been languishing in jail for his actions. While Lexy, now he is in the hospital and getting treatment for his recovery. Jeny’s assignment to make a sad melody she had given to Mr. Keirdy. Not unexpectedly she received an award from the police for having managed to find Lexy who was still alive. And she did not know if Lexy is a famous pianist in England because she had just moved from paris a month ago.

Jeny, She is now in the hospital to see Lexy. Lexy has now unexpectedly woke up and He is in the usual care.  Jeny knocks on the door.

“Come” says lexy who were in the room.

Jeny started to open the door and see Lexy is on his bed. Lexy who see Jeny  immediately smiled happily.

“feel better?” asks Jenny. Lexy nods and makes ​​jeny laugh. Jeny suddenly stop laughing when she realizes that if  Lexy is pinching her cheeks.

“Thanks for everything” says lexy with his smile.

Jenny touches her cheek and feels her cheeks burning hot.

              -The End-

thanks for reading friends^^  so sorry for typo or uncorrect grammar and I hope all of you like my story.